Grilled calamari with ouzo

Grilled calamari with ouzo

Food in Skopelos is extremely exciting especially when you have the chance to taste grilled calamari with ouzo. Ouzo is an anise-flavoured aperitif, widely consumed in Greece and Cuprus. The locals mostly enjoy it when ordering fish or other types of “meze”. In recent years the modern Greek cuisine blends ouzo with octopus, squid and shrimp, presenting extraordinary tastes that you must taste at least once in order to appreciate the harmonic combination of the different tastes. It is not a recipe for everyone but it is worth a try since it truly captures the Mediterranean summer spirit!

View here how we make our grilled calamari with ouzo -a proud moment for food in Skopelos.

  • We clean the calamari well and we place it in a bowl and we add a few onions, one garlic, some parsley and 50ml of ouzo.
  • We season with salt and pepper.
  • Next we season the calamari with some extra virgin olive oil and place it on the grill for a couple of minutes.
  • When the calamari is cooked, we place it on a plate and serve with some slices of lemon.

Grilled calamari with ouzo is a real gem for those who love to discover tastes with a twist. It is nutritious, completely different than anything you will ever taste and is made with the best local ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil that truly elevate this recipe’s potentials. Taste grilled calamari with ouzo today and explore your new favourite food in Skopelos.

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