Grilled Manouri

Grilled Manouri

Holidays to Skopelos give you the chance to taste a great variety of salads, mixed with premium taste cheese. One of them is grilled manouri salad that is a favourite among locals and first time visitors of the island. Manouri is a Greek semi-soft, fresh white whey cheese made from goat or sheep milk, produced mainly in central and northern Greece. Manouri, which is creamier than feta and similar to yoghurt (without yoghurt’s acidity) is one the most popular cheese choices in Greece. Grilled manouri salad is a healthy choice for your late lunch or dinner that fully recharges you after a long day at one of Skopelos beaches!

Take a look on Grilled manouri recipe here and enjoy your holidays in Skopelos wuth an exciting tasty discovery!

  • We cut a good slice of manouri cheese and grill it for about 5 minutes on each side.
  • While waiting for the cheese to be cooked, we prepare the salad mix. First, we cut the potatoes and place them on the plate. Next we surround them with basil and parmesan.
  • When manouri cheese is ready, we place it on the plate and on top we pour a bit of olive oil, a bit of garlic and some pine cone. Your homemade, super fresh salad, extra nutritious and refreshing is served to you while the cheese is still warm so that tasting it together with the refreshing vegetables will excite your taste.

Taste today this super delicious salad and allow yourself to enjoy your holidays to Skopelos with new tasty experiences!

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