Grilled scorpion fish (scorpina)

Grilled scorpion fish (scorpina)

The grilled scorpion fish recipe is a must-taste during your Skopelos holidays, if you want to experience something completely different than your usual favourites. The fish that is found in the Greek sea is fished daily by the Skopelos fishermen and is a real gem to taste. When grilled carefully it remains soft, giving a delicious experience to the person that tastes it. It is also nutritious and if cooked with extra virgin olive oil it is also extremely healthy. The sauce that is usually presented on the side varies from lemon juice and vinegar, but the newest entry that is becoming more popular every day is the bbq sauce.

Learn here how we cook grilled scorpion fish, taste at your next lunch by the sea and congratulate yourself for another yummy finding your Skopelos holidays offers to you.

  • We place the scorpion fish fillets in a bowl adding some extra virgin olive oil, a glass of white wine and some sage.
  • We marinate it for a few minutes.
  • Then we place the fillets on the grill (medium heat) for about 5 minutes (per side).
  • We serve the scorpion fish fillets hot with homemade bbq sauce on the side.

Grilled scorpion fish is a great choice for your lunch order if you are bored with the usual fish dishes. Its unique taste is rumored to excite especially the lobster lovers and making them prefer scorpion fish when they see it on the menu! Taste it today and enrich your Skopelos holiday with a modern taste.

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