Milk spiral pie with ice cream (strifti)

Milk spiral pie with ice cream (strifti)

Milk spiral pie is the perfect summer dessert during your Skopelos holidays. It is a traditional recipe of Skopelos that you will not find in any other Greek island. Sweet, fulfilling and super refreshing thanks to the ice cream on top it is a favourite among people of all ages. The key to create this traditional recipe is to use the finest ingredients available and finish with homemade ice cream.

To learn how we make our milk spiral pie with ice cream recipe read below. To taste it we suggest you to visit Adrina restaurant hotel during your Skopelos holidays.

For the milky mix:

  • We boil 2lts of fresh milk, adding a spoonful of butter and half a cup of sugar.
  • When it starts boiling we add 2 cups of semolina.
  • After a couple of minutes we turn off the heat and add to the mix 4 eggs and vanilla (stirring constantly).

For the pie:

  • We add 4 cups of flour in a baking pan and add some salt and vinegar.
  • Then, we start kneading while adding water and olive oil. We mash our dough in order for it to be soft and let it rest for a while.

Mixing them together

  • Next we take the dough and lay it out in a baking pan. We place the milky mix and start rolling the dough.
  • Finally we shape the dough into a spiral, carefully and place it in the pan, frying the pie to olive oil for about 5 minutes per side (medium heat).
  • When ready, we place the milk spiral pie on a platter, add vanilla ice cream and the homemade syrup of the customer’s choice!

Enjoy milk spiral pie with ice cream today and experience the sweetest taste of your Skopelos holidays!

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