Mussels in wine lemon sauce

Mussels in wine lemon sauce

Skopelos restaurants present you a great variety of dishes with mussels.

The local chefs take inspiration from international cuisine practices and create delicious mussels in all kinds of versions. The most popular one though remains the mussels in wine lemon sauce recipe due to the fact that it is light and filling thus perfect even for dinner after a long day at the Skopelos beaches.

See below our Mussels in wine lemon sauce recipe and order it if you find it on the menu of the local Skopelos restaurants.

  • We wash the mussels with cold water, taking whiskers off.
  • In a large pan (high heat), we melt some butter.
  • Then we add onion, garlic and red peppers and fry for a few minutes.
  • Afterwards we add wine and season.
  • Lemon juice is next as well as parsley which we allow to simmer for less than a minute.
  • Finally we add the mussels and cook them covered for less than 9 minutes.
  • We serve the mussels hot.

Mussels recipe is extra delicious especially when the mussels are fresh. The fishermen of Skopelos fish everyday –unless the weather has other plans- thus providing the local restaurants with the freshest gifts that sea has to offer. When ordering Mussels in wine lemon, pair it with a glass of wine. The two tastes will compliment one another. Discover Mussels in wine lemon in all fine Skopelos restaurants.


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