Pasta with tarama

Pasta with tarama is another tasty experience you must enjoy during your Skopelos holidays.

Pasta is a popular meal choice yet when local chefs decide to mix it with tarama, you have the chance to taste an exciting new version of spaghetti.

Tarama is a nickname for a Greek dip made with fish roe combined with milk or water-soaked bread, with lemon juice and grated onion. Olive oil is added in order for the mixture to reach a whipped consistency. When added to pasta, it offers a unique taste of the Mediterranean cuisine that will excite your senses.

Read below how we make extraordinary Pasta with tarama, order it at one of the local restaurants and enrich you Skopelos holidays with a new meal experience.

  • We boil the pasta for 7-8 minutes.
  • In a large sauce pan we add some extra virgin olive oil and fry fresh onions and a bit of garlic.
  • After 3-4 minutes we add tarama and we stir well for a couple of minutes.
  • During the final stir we also add fennel and a bit of lemon juice.
  • When both the pasta and tarama mix are ready, we put them in a bowl and blend them together and then place the delicious mix on a plate for you to enjoy!

Pasta tarama is a refreshing taste that fully captures the Mediterranean cuisine spirit, while being super nutritious. Enjoy it at lunch or dinnertime at one of the local sea-side restaurants, during your Skopelos holidays.

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