Plum spoon sweet with ice cream

Plum spoon sweet with ice cream

Holidays in Skopelos have their perks, such as tasting plum spoon sweet with ice cream. This traditional Skopelos recipe is based on the famous locally produced kind of plum called “Avgato”. The island is proud of its fine taste that is used to create the most delicious spoon sweets you have ever tasted! When paired with homemade vanilla ice cream, then you are up for an extraordinary sweet experience offered to you by most traditional Skopelos restaurants.

Read below the instructions of our Plum spoon sweet with ice cream recipe and discover the sweet side of holidays in Skopelos.

  • We peel the Skopelos plums (avgato kind) and take off their kernels carefully. We fill a bowl with water and add some lemon juice while tossing the peeled plums inside.
  • Next we toss all plums in limewater and allow them to rest for about three hours.
  • Next we cleanse the fruit well 2-3 times.
  • In a casserole (medium heat) we add 1 glass of water and about 1kg of sugar and wait for the sugar to melt.
  • We add the plums and bring to boil (for about half an hour).
  • Next we let the plums to cool down for a few minutes.
  • Finally we add the plums on a platter and top them with our signature vanilla ice cream!

Traditional products of Skopelos create exciting new tastes that you should not miss out on discovering during your stay. Taste refreshing plum spoon sweet with ice cream and enjoy sweet days and nights during your holidays in Skopelos!

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