Salad with dakos, olives and katiki cheese

Salad with dakos, olives and katiki cheese

Skopelos food is famous for the delicious salads that local chefs create daily, with fresh vegetables and local products.

The salad with dakos, olives and katiki cheese (produced in Skopelos island) is a popular choice that you need to taste whether you are a salad lover or not. It is delicious and full of important nutrients and when Greek extra virgin olive oil is added, it creates a unique tasting experience that matches no other.

Find out below how we make our salad with dakos, olives and katiki cheese and you will realize why Skopelos food is so popular to new and old guests of the island.

  • First we select dakos rusks –the unique kind that is made in Crete- and place them on a plate.
  • Then we cut fresh tomatoes in thin slices and place them among the dakos rusks.
  • In the center we place a large portion of katiki cheese produced in Skopelos island.
  • Finally we add a few greek olives and a bit of fresh parsley before adding some Greek extra virgin olive oil.

The salad with dakos and locally produced katiki cheese is a great alternative to your usual salad choice. It is the newest version of choriatiki salad, without the feta cheese, offering a lighter version by presenting katiki cheese. The addition of dakos rusks adds a Mediterranean flair to the recipe and makes it more filling than your usual choice. Next time you need a fine Mediterranean taste during your lunch or dinner, select the salad with dakos, olives and katiki cheese. You will be presented with another unique salad experience that will make you a fun of Skopelos food for life!

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