Skopelos strifti cheese pie

Skopelos strifti cheese pie

Skopelos strifti cheese pie is the leader of all Skopelos traditional recipes. Cheese pie is a common breakfast choice and an all day and night snack for Greeks, due to their love for feta cheese and the exquisite flavor of the pie. It is definitely something you have never tasted before since it is based on an old traditional Greek recipe. In Skopelos we make it with original feta cheese and local ingredients so that you taste nature’s authentic aromas in every single bite. Tip: Do not leave the island without giving it a try. Trust us. You will get hooked!

Take a glimpse below on our Skopelos strifti cheese pie recipe, one of the most exciting Skopelos traditional recipes.

  • The first thing we do is put the plain flour in a bowl and add some extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt. We begin to knead the mix adding a bit of water when needed, until the dough becomes soft.
  • Then, we cut the dough in two balls and leave them to rest from 15 minutes.
  • In another bowl we add feta cheese and a bit of pepper. We crush the cheese with a fork.
  • Next we sprinkle the counter with corn flour and roll one sheet, brushing it with olive oil. Then we place the crushed cheese on sheet’s surface.
  • Then, we roll the dough balls on the sheet and shape them like a snail.
  • We fry them in a pan (medium heat) with extra virgin olive oil, until they get a bright gold colour.
  • We drain the pies on paper towels, place them on a plate and serve them hot.

Taste Skopelos strifti cheese pie to uncover the most glorious taste of all Skopelos traditional recipes.

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