Chicken Souvlaki

Taste chicken souvlaki with vegetables in your Skopelos holidays.

Your Skopelos holidays cannot be complete without tasting one of the..

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Chicken salad

If you are searching for a salad that will act as a main course during your holidays in Skopelos, you need to search no more! The chicken..

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Shrimp risotto

Your holidays in Skopelos become even a more enjoyable experience when you taste the local shrimp risotto recipe.

It is a light meal..

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Veal fillet

Holidays to Skopelos offer a great chance to taste exquisite local cuisine and exciting recipes such as the veal fillet. After a long day..

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Pasta with tarama

Pasta with tarama is another tasty experience you must enjoy during your Skopelos holidays.

Pasta is a popular meal choice yet when..

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Hello world!

Welcome to We are looking forward keep you informed and updated about everything going on here at..

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